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Book Summary: Mind Gym

"Mind Gym" by Gary Mack & David Casstevens

Training your body and mind go hand in hand when it comes to achieving your goals as an athlete. Positive attitudes you have towards yourselves and your progress have a powerful influence on your performance. Learning to accept failure, set foals and slow down will help you to centre yourselves and unlock your full potential.

  • To be successful, keep your mind in the present. It's when your mind and body are working together seamlessly that you are really in the moment.

  • Focusing on the present will alleviate any pressure you experience.

  • With no anxieties about the future or ruminations on the past, you can become totally absorbed in the task at hand.

  • Pay attention to the skill you're working on, and save the judgment and analysis for later.

  • Enjoy the present moment, don't rush through it and you will give your focus and fulfilment a major boost.


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