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Book Summary: Emotional Agility

"Emotional Agility" by Susan David - Highly recommended.

If you are trying to find more fulfilment in your life, you need to develop your emotional agility - the ability to put distance between yourself and your negative emotional patterns. This gives you the space to examine them and the room to find constructive solutions for your problems.

  • The human brain can create distorted stories based on lived experience.

  • Pretending we are happy gets us nowhere - and negative emotions can have an upside.

  • Start showing up for your emotions by using self-compassion.

  • You can step out of destructive emotions by practising mindfulness.

  • It may be difficult making decisions that are truly your own, but it's important to take time to do so.

  • You can move on in your emotional life by improving your availability for emotional bonding.

  • Stay at the top of your game by making sure you're challenged and stimulated - but within reason.

  • When we are not emotionally agile, we get stuck. At that point, we should take steps to free ourselves.


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