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Book Summary: Bounce Back

"Bounce Back" by Susan Kahn

Success - means embracing failure. From Thomas Edison to Michael Jordan, history's high flyers have allowed themselves to fail. Why is that? It is simple: Falling short is a great way of learning, and it builds resilience over time. Add psychological clarity, physical wellbeing, some Stoic philosophy, and a clear sense of purpose into the equation you will be well-set to join them. Reframe negative situations. We often look at the world in black and white terms: some things are clearly 'good while others are simply 'bad'. But the reality isn't actually like this. Clouds, after all often have silver linings. To help you notice this, try an exercise called 'turning the obstacle upside down'.

The idea is to reframe difficult situations as sources of insights and development. Say you are helping a colleague with a task they have been struggling with. But they are being short-tempered, uncooperative and rude. Frustrating, right? Well, think about the virtues this situation is helping you develop - for example, greater patience, understanding and empathy.

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